How to cook baby pumpkin recipe with easy method

this is a recipe for baby pumpkins with chickpea flour this is a delicacy from western india we call it basically today i'm going to be using frozen pumpkin frozen baby pumpkin for this recipe today this is a gluten-free recipe high in protein and fiber and takes only about six to ten minutes to cook so here are all the ingredients lined up we'll start with heated oil add heeng powder asafoetida and cumin seeds too heated oil it'll take about 10 to 20 seconds for these two ingredients to roast once this is done add the tomatoes and along with the tomatoes you can add chickpea flour we need two rows the chickpea flour and as you will notice that i use very little oil for my recipes so you need to keep moving the chick people are so that it doesn't stick to the bottom and get evenly roasted again this process will take less than two minutes 1 to 2 minutes and once you see the color of chickpea flour turning to a reddish-brown you can add all the other ingredients except garam masala which is the allspice usually put allspice right at the end of the recipe when everything is ready so that the fresh aroma of the spices remains and gets infused in the dish just before we serve it so you'll see i'm also adding half glass of water along with all the other ingredients before i close the lid of the pressure cooker or the pan and as I've always been suggesting use pressure cooker it will save about seventy percent of your fuel energy and time if you want to cook this recipe in a regular pan it would take about 15 to 20 minutes whether it's in a pressure cooker it will take about six to ten minutes so here i am putting the sword as the last ingredient and then we'll close the little of the pressure pan so once the lid is closed it will take about four to six minutes or maybe one vessel because the pumpkin is really tender to cook so it doesn't take much of time before you open the name of the pressure cooker make sure all steam is released so a you go the recipe is done be ready with the dish before serving I'll just add some allspice masala before I pull it into the serving dish enjoy the simple recipe.

Source: Youtube